This is important news, scientists think they’ve discovered a brand new ingredient that could be the secret to helping you feel fuller faster – you know what that means, still being able to eat, but being able to control your portion size by preventing yourself from overeating.

Considering that obesity levels across the world are on the rise (in America, one-third of the population is obese), the ability to feel fuller faster could be a hugely successful way to treat obesity without restricting people’s diets or forcing them to cut out certain foods.

What is this magic ingredient, I hear you ask?


Well, it’s the snappy named Inulin-Propionate Ester, or IPE. The way this works is that when you eat food, it ferments in your stomach and produces short-chain fatty acids. Recent scientific studies have suggested that the short-chain fatty acid propionate can actually help to regulate your appetite by making your body produce certain hormones. When these hormones are released, you start to feel full and your appetite is quenched.

Researchers think that if they can deliver IPE directly to your gut, it could help people to feel fuller faster and as a result, decrease the amount of food people eat – which would lead to weight loss, without a direct impact on diet.

The hope is that IPE can be added to everyday foods to make it so that the stuff we eat each day actually helps contribute to keeping us a healthy weight, rather than helping us to become obese.

Like most recent scientific discoveries, we don’t expect foods to be filled with IPE for many years, but if, or when, it finally happens, we can all continue eating the same foods, but feel less guilty doing so.



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