Struggling story about an Indian blind salesman

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Struggling story of Lakshman Rao of Raipur, a man whose unfortunate circumstances did not hold him back from ensuring a good future for his family.Lakshman Rao was born blind. Nevertheless, this didn’t deter him from working as a salesman, selling chocolates in trains in order to earn livelihood and fund educational requirements of his children. Today all his three sons are employed, one is an MBA. But, the man refuses to give up his profession.

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Lakshman was just 12-year old when his parents passed away. He came to Raipur with his younger brother. Despite facing hardships, his determination didn’t fail. He began selling chocolates in trains to earn his livelihood. From the income generated, he made sure his brother and children got education, food and clothing. His wife supported her whole heartedly throughout.

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Till date he travels by Howrah- Mumbai Mail to Gondiya station. He spends 12 hours on an average in train daily.Lakshman Rao’s eldest son is T Srinivasrao who works in Vishkhapatnam. The second in line Balakrishnan studies MBA from Symbiosis Pune. He is a cashier in Indian Bank. The third son is an attendant at a blind school.

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This inspiring story has another side too, which we all need to note and think about.He registered with the eye bank to receive eyes from donors thirty years ago. He is yet to receive a positive response.

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