8 Reason of music can boost our life


A good piece of music can actually helps us achieve that and can do wonders for us.It can help us achieve all the positiveness around us as after indulging ourselves in good music we forget all the other negative happenings and get completely immersed in that music. So take to the least expensive way of improving your mind ,thoughts and thus your life by experiencing the wonders of a good music.there are some reason which is prove music can boost our life.

1. Achieve a lot of positive energy

In today’s world when everyone is stressed out and is filled all the ill thoughts, music can be a good stress buster and can help to achieve a lot of positive energy around you.In the famous book named The Secret by Rhonda Byrne it is stated that you get what you think and the problem is that we only think of negative things and that is why we are surrounded by all the negativity around us.So in order to steer away the negativity from our life we should look for ways wherein we are surrounded by a lot of positivity .

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2. Help cancer patients

Cancer patients listen to or play music as a way to work through their illness, helping them control some of the psychological effects of coping with cancer. Though a small-scale study, researchers have found that different styles of music helped people in different ways. Cheerful music helped fight off depression. Heavy-metal music provided an outlet for anger. Religious music strengthened faith. Birdsong gave them a spiritual boost.

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3. Recovering from heart attacks

Music can help your heart, and not just after a bad breakup. According to a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, music can have positive effects on your cardiovascular health. Their small-scale study revealed that as emotions arouse while listening to your favorite music, tissue in the inner lining of blood vessels expands, thus increasing blood flow. Strong blood flow is crucial for keeping your entire cardiovascular system running smoothly, particularly as we get older.

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4. Given a mental concentration

The next time you have a presentation to memorize or a test to study for, consider breaking out those upbeat concertos. A fascinating small scale study found that uplifting concertos such as Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons can boost mental alertness. The uplifting first movement, in particular, showed a capability of enhancing attention and memory.A group of young adults were given a mental concentration task to perform while listening to a concerto. The average response time in performing the task was faster with uplifting music than it was with slower music as well as with no music at all. The most exciting part of the concerto overall had an exaggerated effect on the area of the brain that’s important for emotional processing, evoking positive, contented feelings which translated into higher levels of cognitive functioning.

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5. Music can boost of your performance

Here is another reason to say yes when your child asks if he or she can play an instrument at school. Believe it or not, if you played an instrument for a year or two as a child, you are likely to be better at recognizing complex sounds now than your friends who did not play an instrument at all. A study out of Northwestern University found that compared to peers with no musical training, adults who had up to five years of musical training as children have stronger brain responses to complex sounds.

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6. Music reduce blood pressure

One of the most intriguing ways in which music improves health is its effect on the heart and circulation.
In a 2008 study at the University of Maryland Medical Centre in the U.S., researchers measured ten healthy people’s blood pressure as they listened to music of their choice. Their blood vessels dilated by 26 per cent after listening to music they found ‘joyful’, compared with 19 per cent after watching a funny video and 11 per cent after listening to relaxing sound recordings.Keeping blood pressure low means the blood vessels are less likely to stiffen and become blocked, which can lead to heart disease and attacks. Dr Michael Miller, the cardiologist who led the study, now prescribes listening to music to patients.

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7. Music can beat asthma

Singing or playing a wind instrument can improve breathing and may particularly help those with lung conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonar disease (COPD), an umbrella term for conditions including emphysema.
The Royal Brompton Hospital in London offers singing classes to patients with respiratory conditions.Singing helps people learn to breathe more effectively, using the stomach muscles to take long, deep breaths.

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8. Music boosts relaxation and tolerance of pain.

Many surgeons listen to music while operating, and it may be good for patients, too – even while they’re under anaesthetic.A 2005 Swedish study of 75 patients having hernia surgery under general anaesthetic found that those who had music playing during their operation reported less pain afterwards.This is thought to be because music lowers stress hormone levels and may trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that boosts relaxation and tolerance of pain.

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