Marijuana & Alcohol – The National Institute of Drug Abuse released a statement denying that pot is less toxic than alcohol, which resulted in cries of dismay from those at the HT offices and pot smokers nationwide.there are We decided to come up with a list of just some of the reasons can proved Which Is most desirable for our Health.

1. More aggressive and in turn violent behaviors

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Alcohol more than any other substance promotes violent behavior. In case you’re unaware, marijuana tends to chill people out.

2. Marijuana has medicinal benefits

There is a long list of ailments marijuana is said to treat, from chronic pain to inflammation.Marijuana has a long, long list of physician-approved medical uses and the list is growing. Other than red wine’s ability to lower blood pressure, alcohol does just about nothing positive for a person’s health.

3. High sex is way better than drunk sex

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That can be a good thing when you’ve just faceplanted at a party and want to play it off like nothing. Losing feeling when you’re getting intimate, however, is pretty lame. Enter marijuana, which, as our very own Hypatia Lee can attest increases sensitivity and can improve sex.

4. Alcohol consumption often results in bad decisions

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Alcohol leads to risky decision-making, period. That can be fun sometimes but dangerous at others. Scientist’s have yet to fully grasp marijuana’s effects on decision making, but this study shows that smokers more or less come to the same conclusions as sober peeps. They just take a little bit longer to arrive at those conclusions.

5. Marijuana can curb brain damage, especially damage inflicted by drinking

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you’re probably aware that alcohol is less than good for your brain. Marijuana, however, may actually help prevent alcohol-associated brain damage and treat depression.Marijuana actually contains properties that can help with preventing brain damage brought on by drinking alcohol. It can also help treat depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other brain-related diseases.

6. Marijuana can help treat cancers caused by drinking

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Alcohol consumption is carcinogenic, and contributes to head and neck, breast, liver, esophageal and colorectal cancers. In fact, more than 19,500 cancer deaths in 2009 were deemed alcohol-related. Cannabis has been proven to help treat cancer and its symptoms.

7. Alcohol can prevent muscle growth

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Alcohol is known to decrease testosterone and interrupt sleep patterns which can affect muscle growth.Alcohol can prevent muscle growth in a variety of ways, from decreasing testosterone levels to interrupting sleep. Weed doesn’t directly affect muscle growth at all.

8. Alcohol abuse can lead to liver failure or other life-threatening conditions

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Alcoholism exists virtually everywhere in the world and withdrawals from it can result in death or irreversible brain damage. While marijuana addiction does exist, it is far less severe than alcohol addiction. Marijuana’s effects over a lifetime are still not entirely understood, but they do not include any of the potentially lethal ailments caused by alcohol.