Where is it ?

There is a river in the world where people dive as soon as turned a skeleton.So the Rio Tinto a river in Spain. Just dive into the water, then to be a skeleton. This is unbelievable but true. We know the relationship between river and people from the ancient times. The existence of human beings across the river. There was a cursed river that makes you skeleton after a dip.People have to grow up, have a great conversation with the river. The river is the genuine way to meet people’s needs at different times. Fishermen fishing in the surge river or to the scene of boats making on the shore of river, children jumped into the river to bathe, in the scene to find people who would be delighted.

mysterious river - Quantalog (4)

Why is this river cursed ?

Where the water is highly acidic (pH-1.7-2.5) and rich in heavy metals.There is plenty of ferric iron in the water. Therefore, as soon as the water touched the meat falls off. The river in southwestern Spain that originates in the Sierra Morena mountains of Andalusia. It flows generally south-southwest of Spain. It has been produced during the excavation of the mine. In the mean time several unbroken mountain has already devoured to the river. Copper has been taken from the river almost five thousand years.

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The extent of the mine is so extensive that the surroundings of villages have been evacuated. The pattern of drill so delighted to see that it would seem, you’re on the moon. Whether it be beautiful, it cannot be touched.