There are 16 places is perfectly located for a traveler looking for weekend getaways in Eastern and North-Eastern India. This is why it attracts a lot of tourists, who visit Eastern and North-Eastern India as well as places around Eastern and North-Eastern India. Thanks to its rich history, the destinations near West Bengal,Bihar,Jharkhand are attractive and variegated – ranging from Heritage Museums to Resorts to Beaches.

1. Bakhkhali

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Wrapped in the commotion of West Bengal and yet a world in itself, Bakkhali is small beach town located on the West Bengal coast. If you wish to have the perfect beach getaway that doesn’t include ear ripping music or just alcohol laden evenings, Bakkhali is the place to be.

2. Digha

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Beach town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, Digha is a popular tourist destination known for its untouched beaches and scenic views, especially among people in West Bengal.

3. Ravangla

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A small town situated on the ridge at an altitude of 7000ft between the Meanam and Tendong hills Ravangla or Rabongla has turned into a natural tourist resort for its magical snow view and tranquility. Ravangla is a newly created off beat tourist destination in South Sikkim.Surrounded by high-forested hills, undulating valleys dotted with village huts Ravangla is an ideal place for short treks and bird watching. Surrounding Lepcha and Bhutia villages of Yangang, Tinkitam, Kewzing, Barfung & Bakhim are ideal for short village tours

4. Uttarey

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State Sikkim, bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and West Bengal, Uttarey, at 2050 metres, is a scenic village on the gentle northern slope of the Singalila range. It is slowly growing into a satellite township and with its cool weather and wonderful scenery is the perfect setting for a summer holiday. There is plenty of greenery in and around the hamlet. The undulating deep and dark Himalayan forests abound in orchids among other local flora. While nearby Pelling is under pressure to accommodate a growing number of visitors, Uttarey is still a virgin spot and is ideal for those who want to avoid crowds.

5. Sundarban

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Known for hosting the biggest mangrove forests in the world, Sundarbans provide a complete nature’s circle to the tourist right from ‘Royal Bengal tigers’ to roaring rivers and beautiful estuaries.

6. Shantiniketan

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Rabindranath Tagore’s home and now a university, Santiniketan is a small town located in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. The town comprises mainly of Visva Bharati University, which was set up by Rabindranath Tagore’s father and later popularized by him to radically change the concept of education in India.

7. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

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Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary along with Gorumara National Park is famous for one horned rhinoceros, elephants and Bengal Tigers, spotted deers, barking deers, sambhar deers, bison etc. The skies here too will be a part of your tourist spot with a sizeable variety of eagles, Bengal florican, Indian Hornbill and more. One can also visit an old fort ruins in the Chilapata forest.

8. Mayapur

Mayapur is a religious centre and one of the nine dhams of the 9 holy islands. The 9 islands together looks like an eight-petaled lotus flower and are called Navadwipa which was earlier capital of Bengal. The islands are centered on Antardvipa (Mayapur) and are a part of Mayapur Township. Navadvipa is a famous temple town with about 185 temples.

9. Puri

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Puri in the state of Orissa is situated alongside the coast of Bay of Bengal. This town is home to one of the most sacred temples in Hindu mythology, the Jagannath Temple. The majestic history and heritage of Puri dates back to the 3rd century B. C. Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar complete the Golden Triangle of Orissa, with their religious significance and cultural heritage being the centers of tourism in this state.

10. Deoghar

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Deoghar has an environment of extreme peace and tranquility owing to the sheer reverence and devotion with which pilgrims visit it every day. This lesser unknown spiritual centre in Jharkhand will also give the visitors beautiful flora making the perfect backdrop for a place as such. The temple of Baba Baidyanath is the most defining tourist attraction here.

11. Tarapith

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Tarapith is a famous Hindu pilgrimage in the state of West Bengal and a Shakti Peetha, believed to be the place where eyes of Sati fell. The town of Tarapith is a small, crowded and rural town near the Dwarka river in Birbhum district and is also called the city of Tantra Mantra or black magic, there are a number of stories which go around validating the legendary stories and beliefs of the locals.

12. Raichak Fort

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Located only 50 kms away from Kolkata and yet a world apart, Raichak, is a riverside town and is nothing short of a breathe of fresh air in its ultra urban and commercialized surrounding.The Raichak fort continues to be one of the most beautiful forts in all of India, especially after its restoration a few years back. The fort, was originally built back in the colonial rule for keeping a watch over River Hooghly.

13. Chandipur

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Chandipur is a secluded seaside village of Baleshwar district stored safely on the coastline of Orissa. Chandipur is also locally known as Chandipur-on-sea. If nature’s wonder fascinates you, Chandipur Beach is an amazing place to be. The unique specialty of this beach is the ebb tides that recede around 1 to 4 km during low tides and they tend to disappear rhythmically. This has a spectacular view of the rising sun and also of the sun drowning somewhere beyond waters providing feast to the eyes. When the water disappear, you can even take jeep ride towards the sea.

14. Nalanda

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Extensive ruins of center of higher learning in Bihar, Nalanda has various temples and monasteries, including the ‘Great Stupa’. A storehouse of knowledge and learning in ancient India, this city housed one of the world’s oldest and finest residential universities which itself was an architectural masterpiece. Nalanda offers vibrant substance on spiritual, historical, cultural, architectural and tourism scenes.

15. Baripada

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It is host to the world famous Car Festival (Rathyatra) which allows only women to pull the Rath of Maa Subhadra and gathers huge crowds. One also finds here temples, known to be one of the oldest in Odisha and which see devotees coming from all over with a stong sense of faith and devotion. An event is organised here, during the mid of April that celebrates the best talents of Chhau, a world renowned dance form, indigenous to the region. Baripada is also known for its Bangripori “tusser” fabric, that can be found anywhere in its local markets.

16. Hazaribagh

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Located at Chhota Nagpur plateau, 93 Km away from Rachi, Hazaribagh is a beautiful place with dense forests and natural formations including rock formations and lakes. The forests in Hazaribagh are mostly unexplored and are in its best and purest form with full of greenery. Hazaribagh is located two thousand meters above sea level on the middle plateau.There are rock strong adamant hills which are lush green with a touch of mud and rocks. The main mountains being Jilinjia which is 3057 m and Chandwa 2816 m. The Hazaribagh national park which is spread across 135km of area, accords the best sight seeing experience as beautiful birds of rarest species chirps the welcome songs for you.