13 reasons you should visit Brazil if you’re single

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It’s also a chance to chill with close friends or do something solo. Brazil is an excellent place to adventure. Here you will find delicious food to fill your hungry stomach, amazing drinks that you couldn’t hope for stateside and gorgeous women from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes to enjoy time with. Here are 13 reasons you should visit Brazil if you’re single.

1. Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian carnival - Quantalog

2. Amazon Rainforest

amazon-rainforest - Quantalog

3. Belo Horizonte,drinking capital of Brazil

Belo horizonte - Quantalog

4. Brazil Beach Party

Croatia's Soundwave festival

5. Capoeira

 Capoeira - Quantalog

6. Cascading

Cascading - Quantalog

7. Friendly People

Friendly People in Brazil - Quantalog

8. Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach - Quantalog

9. Itquira Falls

Itquira Falls - Quantalog

10. Christ the Redeemer

Jesus-Statue-Brazil - Quantalog

11. Noiva de Cordeiro

Noiva de Cordeiro - Quantalog

12. Rio Scenarium

rio-scenarium - Quantalog

13. Tree Canopy Tour

Tree Canopy Tour - Quantalog