India has something to offer to every traveller scenic beauty, beaches, mountains,¬† adventure sports, luxury hotels, historical monuments, a cultural treat for all the senses.The experience will leave you a little exhausted, because in every moment, there’s so much to live.Here are 13 Mysterious and astonishing places in india.

1. Skeleton Lake – Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand

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At a height of 16,500 feet, in the middle of the most uninhabitable part of the Himalayas lies the secluded Roopkund Lake, covered in snow and surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers. More popularly known as Skeleton Lake or Mystery Lake, the spine-chilling attraction of this lake is the 600 odd human skeletons that were discovered here.

2. Birds Suicide point – Jatinga, Assam

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Every monsoon, this scenic village witnesses an uncanny phenomenon. Between September and October, especially during dark and foggy nights, hundreds of migratory birds fly full speed towards trees and buildings, crashing to death.

3. Village of Black Magic- Mayong, Assam

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A village 40 kms from Guwahati city, close to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. It is popularly believed that the name Mayong comes from the Sanskrit word for illusion, Maya. Many tales of men disappearing into thin air, people being converted into animals, or beasts being magically tamed, have been associated with Mayong.

4. Twin Town – Kodinhi (Kerala) and Umri (near Allahabad)

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Kodinhi, a sleepy little town tucked away in the Malappuram district of Kerala, has managed to baffle scientists across the world. In a population of 2000, Kodinhi has 350 pairs of identical twins! It has rightfully earned the title of ‘Twin Town.’ 6 pairs of twins in every 1000 births is considered a high twinning rate. Kodinhi has a rate of 42 twins per 1000 births.

5. God’s Own Garden – Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

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Mawlynnong Village in Cherrapunji is popularly called ‘God’s Own Garden.’ It has won international accolades for being Asia’s Cleanest Village. It is a community-based effort for promoting eco-tourism. It is interesting to note that this village has a 100% literacy rate and most villagers speak English fluently.

6. Lock less village- Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

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Located 35 kms from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Shani Shinagpur village is known for its popular Shani temple. This village has never witnessed any crime, and that is attributed to the blessings of Shani Dev. The villagers have full faith in their god, and have completely entrusted their safety into his hands.

7. Temple Of Rats – Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

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A little town called Deshnok, 30 kms from Bikaner, holds an intriguing sight: the Karni Mata Temple, home to over 20,000 rats. ‘Kabbas’ as they are called, these rats are worshipped because it is believed that they are reincarnated family members of Karni Mata. White mice are revered even more because they are considered to be Karni Mata and her sons.

8. Land of Snakes – Shetpal, Maharashtra

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Shetpal village in Sholapur district of Maharashtra, is known for snake worship. This village has a custom that can be only described as frightful. Each house in this village has a resting place for Cobras in the rafters of their ceilings. No cases of snake bites have been reported in this village despite snakes moving about freely in every household.

9. The Dead Restaurant – New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

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The New Lucky Restaurant has an ambience to kill for. This coffee house is built on a centuries-old Muslim cemetery. The graves lie between the tables, and are said to belong to a 16th CE Sufi saint. The restaurant is always bustling with guests and the owner says that the graves are his lucky mascots.

10. Hanging Pillar – Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

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The small historical village of Lepakshi is home to many ancient relics and architectural marvels. One of them is the Hanging Pillar of the Lepakshi temple. Amongst the 70 pillars of the temple, one hangs without any support! Visitors pass objects under the pillar to check if the claim is true. According to locals, passing objects under the pillar brings prosperity to one’s life.

11. The Motorcycle God – Bullet Baba Shrine, Bandai, Rajasthan

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If there is any place in the world where you’ll come across a shrine where flowers and liquor bottles are offered to a motorcycle, it has to be in India! At Bandai, Jodhpur, Om Singh Rathore died when he crashed his Bullet into a tree while riding drunk. The police claimed the bike and took it to the station. The next day, the bike was found at the spot of the accident. They brought it back to the station, emptied the fuel tank and chained it. Yet the bike miraculously found its way back to accident spot the next day. The motorcycle was moved permanently to the location and the Om Baba (or Bullet Baba as it is popularly called) Shrine was erected. Every day many passers-by come to offer their prayers. The spirit of Om Banna is believed to protect travellers.

12. Living Roots Bridge – Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

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In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, man has befriended nature and cajoled it into bending to his ways. People build bridges, but the Khasis of Meghalaya, they grow bridges. Ficus Elastica or the Rubber Tree produces strong secondary roots from their trunks. These have been trained to grow in a particular direction using betel-nut trunks, forming sturdy, living bridges over decades. Some of these bridges are more than a hundred feet long. The Umshiang Double Decker Bridge is truly one of a kind in the entire world. Some ancient root bridges are over 500 years old.

13. Widest Banyan Tree – Botanical Garden, Howrah

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Near Kolkata, at the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden, Howrah, lies another living proof nature’s powerful glory. The 1250 year old Great Banyan Tree, with a canopy covering an area of 4 acres, is considered the widest tree in the world. After being struck by lightning, the tree was diseased. The trunk had to be removed in 1925. It continues to live without its main trunk, and has 3300 aerial roots reaching down to the ground. What appears to be a forest is actually one single tree.



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