12 Incredible stories of worlds most successful people

12 Incredible stories - Quantalog (7)
The most successful people will tell you “If at first you don’t succeed, try again” —sometimes you may feel like that’s just a saying. But these incredible stories of most successful people tell you that at some point their careers have overcome failures to get to where they are today.There are 12 Incredible stories of worlds most successful people for some serious inspiration.

1. Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey was fired from her television reporting job because they told her she wasn’t fit to be on screen.But Winfrey rebounded and became the undisputed queen of television talk shows. She’s also a billionaire.

2. Bill Gates

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The richest person in the whole world couldn’t make any money at first. Gates’ first company, Traf-O-Data (a device which could read traffic tapes and process the data), failed miserably.

3. Hugh Jackman

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We all know him as actor, producer, and singer, but earlier Hugh Jackman fired from a cashier job at a 7-Eleven.

4. Steven Spielberg

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just sometimes, education can be a little overrated. In the end, Spielberg would get the last laugh, when USC awarded him an honorary degree in 1994. Two years later, he became a trustee of the university.

5. Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new mini iPod in San Francisco in 2004

In 1985, apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was take off from his own company. But later he rejoined 10 years later, the compnay which is now became the first $700 billion company.

6. Harland David Sanders

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Perhaps better known as Colonel Sanders of KFC fame, his fried chicken recipe was rejected by many restaurants before a restaurant accepted it. Now the company has 18,000 outlets across the world.

7. Charlie Chaplin

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In 1903, chaplin’s first role as a newsboy in H. A. Saintsbury’s Jim, but was unsuccessful and closed after two weeks. And critics said he looked too young to ever sell.

8. Albert Einstein

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In 1881 Albert Einstein, started the Edison Portland Cement Co and went on to supply the concrete to construct the Yankee Stadium in New York. But it face many difficulties and the project was its complexity.

9. Jim Carrey

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Carrey revealed to James Lipton on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” that when he was 15, he had to drop out of school to support his family. His father was an unemployed musician and as the family went from “lower middle class to poor,” they eventually had to start living in a van.

10. Henry Ford

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While Ford Motor Company is today known for his innovative productivity and quality, earlier Henry Ford wasn’t an instant success. In fact, he worked for in Detroit Automobile Company, which was closed within a year.

11. Soichiro Honda

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The billion-dollar multinational Honda company began with a series of failures. Once Honda’s founder Soichiro was turned down by Toyota Motor after interviewing for an engineer job.

12. Madonna

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American singer Madonna dropped out of college, worked as a waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts and also with modern dance troupes.