11 animal lovers people,Who Will prove their Humanity

boy - Quantalog

Here, we will show you few animal saviors who are not afraid to put their schedules,time, and even lives on the line for the sake of an animal in need and that is called humanity.There are still many people out there who like and help animals. In fact, some of these people have literally become animal saviors.

         1.Two friends rescuing a cat that was close to drain.

faith_in_humanity - Quantalog

               2.A little boy giving food to hungry street dog.

Boy_dog - Quantalog

               3.An Indian women feeding street dogs.

Women_cat - Quantalog

               4.Some animal lover rescues a Elephant from river.

elephant-Man - Quantalog

               5.A woman giving water to a thirsty little bird.

bird_water - Quantalog

               6.Some people giving treatment to a wounded dog.

Dog_people - Quantalog

                7.When people risk their lives to save the life.

Lamb_man - Quantalog

           8.A young boy carrying a dog in his shoulder during floods.

Dog_boy - Quantalog

                9.A little girl giving shelter to her dog.

Little_girl - Quanatalog

                10.A kid carrying his dog in flooded street.

                11.Baby monkey getting medical attention.

monkey - Quantalog